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The overt or covert behavior that is elicited from a subject in a Behavioral Experimental Paradigm Condition.

Definition Source

JT and AL


Parent Entity

BFO: Process Aggregate


Logical Restrictions

An experimental Behavioral Experimental Paradigm Condition requires something that plays the role of a response.


BrainMap (2009) defines responses only for specific, overt responses made by the subject during the experimental condition. This is the same as Overt Response.

Note not used in BrainMap: Covert Response.

In describing the protocol (as a planned process), the response is the desired or requested activity. In describing the actual implementation of the protocol (realization of the process), it is the actual activity which occurs.

Note that part of the behavior which makes up the response may be delayed; in the simplest example is a saccade as a response following a visual cue, in which the saccade is not to be made immediately but after some time interval.

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JT and AL

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curation complete Dec 2010


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